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This law firm has frequently represented plaintiffs seeking remedies for racial segregation and other forms of discrimination in the provision of housing. The remedies sought were housing opportunities in viable, decent neighborhoods. The allegations in these cases were that the defendants were either limiting the availability of affordable housing in viable, decent neighborhoods or subjecting minority neighborhoods to conditions that destroyed neighborhood viability or doing both. Walker v. HUD and Young v. Pierce are two of the law firm's public housing desegregation cases that illustrate the use of government power to subject poor people to segregation and other forms of discrimination and the remedies available to end the segregation and its effects. Summaries for both of these cases including citations to published opinions and other documents from the cases are included at the Walker and the Young tabs.
      Some of the other cases brought by the law firm are summarized at the "Other cases" tab.

The Daniel & Beshara, P.C. law firm has represented civil rights plaintiffs in numerous public housing desegregation, voting rights, and municipal services discrimination lawsuits in the Dallas and East Texas areas. The firm has also represented plaintiffs in other civil rights and poverty law matters. The firm was originally Julian & Daniel. Michael Daniel and Laura Beshara are currently the attorneys in the firm. 





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